Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What size sink should I get?

Please consider the size of your sink base cabinet before purchasing a sink. Consult with us if you have any concerns.

2. What do I need at the time of template?

At the time of template we collect sink, faucet, and or cooktop ( optional ).

3. When do I call to schedule a template?

It will be most helpful to get a delivery date of cabinets and time from your contractor on how long it will take for cabinets to be put in. With that information , you should call me so I can pre-plan my schedule to accommodate you and speed up the process. Please make sure all cabinets, end panels, filler pieces, etc. are in place.

4. Do I have to remove the existing countertop for you to make a template?

No, it is not necessary. We can template over your existing counter and you can have a functional kitchen up until the day of the installation. Only if there is a major problem will we require to move existing counters which is rare.

5. Can we come in to view how the granite slabs will be cut with my particular layout?

Yes, especially if the slabs have a lot of movement and variation. Just notify Angelo or Danny and once the template is made we will have you come in to line up the job.

6. How do I clean my granite or marble counters?

The traditional way to clean your counters is by using warm water and a mild soap. Never use bleach to clean your countertops. Also, several different companies are offering an all in one cleaner and sealer which is a quick and convenient solution.

7. Does granite stain?

Angelo’s Marble & Granite will seal your granite counters twice, once after fabrication and once after the installation. The sealer reduces the absorption rate of the stone making it impervious to most substances. A stain will not occur on most granites ; however, without proper maintenance and upkeep you can increase the chance on specific stones, mostly lite colored, the chance of having a stain.

9. Do you mount the sink to the granite?

We most certainly do and it is important to note that we use a better method then most fabricators. You will find many companies use epoxy and granite pieces. At Angelo’s Marble & Granite we insert anchors to the underside of the granite 2″ away from the cutout and use 1 ½” flat lot screws with a butterfly wing and clip to make a more permanent and tight fix to the granite.

10. What is a seam?

The term seam is used when joining two pieces of granite together. Your kitchen layout in conjunction with the granite you choose will indicate whether a seam is needed. If you are designing your kitchen and would like to eliminate the possibility of having a seam, slabs size varies from 70″ to 75″ x 113″ to 120″. There are slabs that may be greater, but you should come in for a consultation at that point.

11. What is the turn-around time?

Depending on the season, it is safe to say a week to ten days. If you have a time constraint, we may be able to accommodate you by planning ahead.

12. What is your payment policy?

We accept cash and personal or certified check. Angelo’s Marble & Granite does not accept credit cards. At the time of template we require 50% deposit and balance is collected after the installation.

13. Do I buy the entire slab when I choose a color granite to be fabricated for my kitchen?

No. We determine the amount of material required specific to your layout and charge you accordingly.

14. Do I need to make an appointment?

No appointment is necessary. Our hours of operation are Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Saturday from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.

15. How do I get an estimate of what it would cost me to replace my counters?

If you have an existing counter, draw the shape of your counters on a piece of paper and measure. You do not need to measure down to the 1/8″ of an inch. Based off your layout and granite selection we can provide you with a quote. Generally, the estimate 99% of the time is accurate.

16. What is a fissure?

A fissure occurs during the crystallization of granite as a result of immense heat and pressure. Some specific granites do have fissures and is consistent with the character of those specific stones. They may look like cracks, but are not and do not impair the durability of the stone. As your fabricator, we thoroughly inspect each slab and do make an effort to try to cut around these fissures as much as possible.

17. Do granite seams show?

No granite seam is invisible. With some granites, the seam may be more visible depending the granularity, movement, and pattern. Lining up a seam is perhaps one of the most important criteria to use when choosing a fabricator. Angelo, with over twenty years of experience, can show you samples of seams as well as explain the process to you.